goehelps.de is a group – an initiative of private individuals. Its members offer housing for Ukrainian refugees. Some of our supporters offer themselves as interpreters, for example, or try to help the hosts in other ways.


A private initiative by people with a lot of compassion and helpfulness

Our initiative was born on March 1, 2022 from the idea of ​​taking a bus to the Ukrainian-Hungarian border
drive to bring refugees to Göttingen. A network
helpful people formed them from it, which Ukrainians and young
people from third countries who went to study in Ukraine,
There was and still is a loving transitional home.
Far more than 500 people, including about 45 students from
Third countries, have been housed in over 200 private households so far.
However, accommodation alone was not enough. The hosts and
countless helpers achieve incredible things:

-Full board until given by public services
-Government visits and complex written and oral
Exchange with the authorities, - school and daycare registrations,
-doctor visits,
-interpretation services,
-Apartment Search,
-apartment equipment,

  • job search,
    -applications for integration courses,
  • spiritual support,
    -Averting deportation (third country students)
    -and and and...

We quickly realized that we needed a website to collect
to make information accessible. This already went in March 2022

There were various voluntary Goehelps language courses, by Goehelps
organized information events, e.g. with the employment office about job
possibilities, a factory tour for students at Refratechnik, a
Going to the cinema for Ukrainian families and there were in cooperation
with the basketball club BG Göttingen and the sports association several
Games and sporting events are organized for Ukrainian families
helped to network.

Particularly noteworthy is the spacious and
uncomplicated support by the
Göttingen Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium (THG). The school had the same
at the beginning of the war an appeal for donations within the
School community launched to help Ukrainians. With the
The money raised supported various Goehelps activities.
Countless children could with satchels, backpacks and
Pencil case to be fitted out at a moving celebration
were handed over. Numerous families were given pillows, blankets,
Bedding and basic equipment for their apartments, there were many
bought used bicycles and was able to provide some financial first aid
are given.
We were also able to run a crowdfunding campaign through the account,
which saved a student's degree. He had to
part of his tuition fee to the Ukrainian university
pay. Without the payment he would have been exmatriculated and would have
didn't get his pharmacy degree. With the help of the THG and
numerous generous people, we had the amount of around 1,400
euros together within 2 days. The young man is working
meanwhile as a breakfast chef at the Hotel Freigeist. So he can the amount
gradually repay, who then turn to the Ukrainian
benefit refugees. At the same time he is learning German, at some point
to be able to work as a pharmacist according to his degree.
The Goehelps members are extremely grateful to the THG for the
Support!!! So far, the THG Goehelps with the stately
A total of 9,000 euros (!!!) supported.

How is Goehelps organized?

Quite uncomplicated via WhatsApp groups and a Telegram

There are the following groups:

The general Ukraine Aid Group , to which hosts both
belong, as well as people who support in any way
perform – for example, there is a manpower group that works at the
Furnishing numerous apartments has helped.

The host group, which consists of the people who
have taken in refugees from the Ukraine at home.

The group of translators, which Ukrainian and Russian speakers
includes people who provide translation assistance in a purely voluntary capacity
different situations (school registration, visits to the doctor,
Apartment Search...).

The telegram group, in which the Göttingen-Ukrainians
exchange with each other.

The household and clothing exchange that is extremely useful when setting up
of the apartments is.

The student group, which mainly consists of students from third countries

The Studi-Host group for hosts who are students from third countries
accommodate or have accommodated.

The cooking group, which provides organic vegan catering at events.
There is also a core team of particularly committed "Goehelpers"
which consists of 8 people.

Thank you for your understanding and your participation in our joint aid project goehelps!!! 🙏🏻