1. Refugees from third countries should apply to the BAMF for an integration course; regardless of whether a fictional certificate already exists or not!
    The course consists of 600 hours of language training and 100 hours of orientation (see file: German and English).

  2. The application should be carried out by each "Students Host" together with the refugees.

  • Application documents are: application form and copy of passport and/or certificate of fiction and/or certificate of registration

  • send it by post (registered mail) to the BAMF (address see below)

  1. The form (see file) must be signed twice by the refugee!
    (once as an application for the course and once to cover the costs)

  2. Form: In addition to personal information (name, place of residence, ...; do not forget the address on the mailbox), the following information is important:

  • "Year of entry:" 2022
  • "Reason for entering Germany:"
    "Other: War (Ukraine)"
  • "Justification of the application ...":
    "Other reasons: insufficient language skills"
  1. Form: When applying for the "exemption from the cost contribution" (normal case), the receipt of "benefits according to SGB XII (social assistance)" must be indicated.

  2. If you have any questions about the application, you can contact Christine Müller

  3. After receiving the BAMF's reply, please contact C. Müller's colleague, Maren Lauble (38 42 10 50; immediately.

After approval, Maren looks for a suitable course for refugees and provides further advice.

Christine's assessment: anyone who submits an application quickly has the opportunity to be accepted into a program quickly.

The BAMF is currently processing the applications very quickly and benevolently.

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
Frankenstrasse 210
90461 Nuremberg
Telephone: +49 911 943-0
Fax: +49 911 943-10000